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Quality Roofing Solutions

Modern roofs are complex structures made of components that must work in unison to do a single job: keep water out. Water is the arch nemesis of any roof system. Ask any quality roofing company in the Twin Cities, or ask any home improvement retailer what the best material for your home is and you will probably get a different answer based on their preference. The truth is as long as installation specifications are followed, your installed roof will protect your home and your valuables inside.

We install asphalt shingles from our roofing company in Chaska, MN. We only work with the best shingles available and are able to provide a 50 year warranty on all labor and material. Never have to pay for a roof again. Our installers are all Certified Master Shingle Applicators, which is the designation from the shingle manufacturer, Certainteed.

Choosing the right material for your home can be an overwhelming process. We’ve deliberately chosen to offer a select variety of Certainteed shingles and colors to give you a variety of options without overwhelming you during the process. If you are looking for a shingle option not shown, contact us today to make an appointment with our local roofing company.

Each part of your system should work in unison to stop water penetration. Let’s break down a few of the main components of a typical residential roof. This is not a complete list and is not intended to be instructional.

  Shingle The shingle does double-duty: it safeguards the roof and enhances the aesthetic of the roof system as part of a home’s overall curb appeal.

  Underlayment A waterproof barrier installed directly on the roof deck.

  Roof Deck The roofing material between the structural components (the trusses and joists) and the insulation and weatherproofing layers.

  Flashing TA weatherproof material fitted in areas where water would otherwise be likely to get underneath shingles and run into the house interior.

  Ridge Cap A special kind of shingle covering the peak of the roof, where two angles meet. These often deteriorate quicker than the rest of the roof surface.

  Drip Edge A special kind of flashing installed at the edges of the roof to direct water away from the side of the house and protect the underlying components of a roof system.

  Fasteners Nails or staples are appropriate fasteners for asphalt shingles. These are especially important for keeping your shingles attached to the roof during periods of high wind.

Your roof system works with your home’s ventilation system to keep water moving off of and away from your home. Here’s a quick highlight of a few ventilation components of a roof system:

  Lead Pipe Jacks Also called roof vent jacks, these are installed over plumbing vent stacks.

  Ridge Vent A properly installed ridge vent at the peak of a sloped roof allows damp, warm air to escape from the attic.

  Wind Turbines A turbine has a series of vanes that spin as wind passes through them, sucking hot and humid air from the attic.